Top 5 Home Value Hacks


In today’s Louisville real estate market, it really pays to stay ahead of the game. Make smart choices. Knowing what to improve can really make your home out stand out.
With that in mind, I’ve uncovered the Top 5 Home Value Hacks that you may or may not know about. One thing is for sure, each one will more than pay for itself when you’re selling your home. Home improvement has never been this easy.
Let’s count them down!

#5 – Update Your Lighting

Pendant Lights

Update some old, out of date light fixtures in your home and wait for the compliment to come rolling in.

It’s very easy to find cool lighting fixtures that won’t break the bank. They’re actually much cheaper than you probably think.
If you can’t replace them yourself, electricians can install 3-4 new fixtures in a couple of hours. Cheap!
Check out these hip pendant lights you can find at Lowe’s. For about $40 a piece, you can make a big statement by tossing out something old and adding new life to the space.

#4 – DIY Projects


Not everyone is capable of every DIY project but if you can do one or two, you’re already ahead of the game.

You’re on Dad Knows DIY already, check out all these great tips!
Using this hack will really flow from what you can do. If unsure, you can hire a professional but if you do the work, you can save 100% of the labor costs!
Think about things like swapping out old faucets for new brushed nickel or stainless. In less than an hour, you’ll not only be proud of yourself, but your home will thank you.
Want to ramp it up? How about adding some simple, clean wainscoting to your dining area. Even if it’s a single wall, it’ll draw the eye and add value to your home.

#3 – Big First Impressions with Great Landscaping


When your home looks this good on the outside, buyers can’t wait to get inside!

Nothing beats a great first impression. This is most certainly the must-have hack for any cost conscious home seller.
It’s very simple to do, even for the non-green-thumbs among us.
Second, the costs are low and the rewards are high! Don’t miss this, it’s one of the best home value hacks.

#2 – Fresh Paint


Fresh paint is Home Improvement 101 but that’s because it works. Just don’t pick any crazy colors.

This one’s probably not a secret, right? Everyone paints at least one room before selling. The very smell of new paint sends a message to visitors that this house has been updated.
This is a home value hack that should be in everyone’s toolbox. Just make sure to pick from neutral, currently fashionable colors. Ugly walls can just as easily make a space uninviting.

#1 – Declutter, Declutter, Declutter


The reason why every Realtor says “Declutter” is because it works!

Did you know that when you remove extra “stuff” from your home you are actually adding value? It’s been estimated to be worth as much as $4000!
Wow… can you say, less is more? I knew you could.
Whether you hire a professional cleaning service or home staging company, the money you spend will be more than made up by the higher sale value.

Hope you enjoyed these important home value hacks. Take a moment and share this with your friends who might be thinking about selling their home. They will thank you and maybe… they won’t ask you to help them move!

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