Birdhouse Instructions


This project is a great one to do with your kids. It is not very expensive, and you can paint and decorate it however you like.

  1. Buy the lumber. You will need:
    1. 1″ by 8″ by 4′ untreated cedar or redwood boards
    2. 1 1/4″ galvanized finishing nails
    3. 1/4″ dowel rod
    4. Wood glue
    5. Eye hooks (optional)
    6. Paint or stain
  2. Collect your tools. You will need:
    1. Tape measure
    2. Framing square
    3. Saw
    4. Clamps
    5. Drill with a 1/4″ bit and 1 1/2″ hole saw bit
  3. Mark and cut two pieces from the boards 9″ long.
  4. Mark the center of each board lengthwise. Use your framing square to draw a 45 degree angle with the point at the center mark and top of each board, and the ends extending equally on each side.
  5. Cut along the marks from the framing square so your birdhouse has a 45 degree angle at the peak of the roof.
  6. Cut two pieces that are 5 1/2″ squares. These will be the sides.
  7. Cut one roof piece 6 by 7 1/4″ and the other 5 1/8 by 7 1/4 inches. The wider one will overhang the other at the peak of the roof.
  8. Using the hole saw bit, cut an opening on a front piece approximately in the middle.
  9. Attach the sides to the front and back pieces using a thin bead of wood glue. The sides will sit flush and behind the front and back. Use finishing nails to secure these pieces and allow the glue to dry.
  10. Measure the inside bottom opening and cut a piece to fit. Attach the bottom with glue and nails.
  11. Attach the roof pieces with glue and nails.
  12. When the glue is completely dry, use the 1/4 drill bit to drill a hold approximately an inch below the opening on the front. Apply a small amount of glue to the dowel and insert into the hole.
  13. Paint or stain.
  14. When the paint or stain is dry, attach eye hooks to the roof so you may hang it, or nail it to fence post or porch rail.